whats eating the tomato flowers

tnkrerMay 26, 2012

I recently finished build of my large SWC and moved one roma tomato plant there.

I wanted to check how it does (this being my first time) and if the critters get to it. After one day outside, I think its doing OK. (So water wicking is probably working OK). However, I noticed that the tomato flowers were cut from their stalks. What animal/bird does that? How do I protect it from this? If the flowers are gone, I guess no tomatoes for me :(

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howelbama(7 NJ)


I don't think anything is eating them, they may just be falling off as the plant may not be established well yet. Bugs and critters will usually go for the leaves, and don't do anything to the flowers until they form fruits and the fruits are ripe. They tend to get mine just after I say those look good and ripe I should go pick them lol...

It could also be a nutrient deficiency causing the flowers to drop, but I am no expert in identifying that, maybe someone else can tell from the pics.

The garden looks great though, build came out very well.

Keep us updated throughout the season! I just posted some pics of my raised/sfg beds in the sfg forum if you feel like looking lol... It's titled 2012 garden

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Hey tnkrer, any progress with the garden? Would love to see some updates on how everything is working out...

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