Turface substitute in 5-1-1

Wrekkless(7a)May 30, 2013

I've read in several posts that Turface (or NAPA Oil Dry/DE) can be substituted for Perlite) and I think it was PJ that had a modified 5-1-1 where he substituted Turface for the sphagnum peat, with pine bark and Perlite. So what would happen if you substituted Turface for both the Perlite AND the peat, besides having to call it a 5-2? Would it retain too much water? I do want a little bit of moisture (this is for a vegetable garden) as I'm in Utah with very dry and very hot summers.

I have all the ingredients for a proper 5-1-1, although NAPA Oil Dry is more economical than the Perlite I can find with a lot less waste, so if it could be substituted with no problems, it would be worth it for the amount of containers I need to fill. I was just trying to figure out what each of the ingredients bring to the party and how they can be interchanged.


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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

I've done a 4:1 mix of screened composted wood mulch and turface. I though the mix was too moisture rententive for 2.25" plug pots but it worked great for lettuce in #1 nursery containers. When I unpotted them after harvest, the entire volume had been colonized by roots.

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Thanks - that's really interesting. I'm going to plant a lot of greens, so maybe I'll give it a try for those.

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