Has anyone tried the self watering Plant Spa by Misco

RemodellerMay 12, 2013

I got a smaller 9.4' diameter x 7.25' height Plant Spa pot for like $3 at Walmart- gonna start my Cilantro with it. I attached a pic of a much larger one that I may get if the small one works. The concept is very similiar to the EarthTainer. Also put a link to their website- I think Target carries them too. If you have used these pots would love to hear your feedback thanks

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Here is a pic of how the system works- I like the idea of always knowing instantly how much water is in it- not sure how visible it will be with my improvised Mosquito Screen though. I'll try posting the website link again too- just to the home page this time, not the specific product page

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Spa Company Home Page

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I planted some basil in a similar pot last year... I didn't water from below, but liked the large saucer for containing the runoff. (My downstairs neighbors don't appreciate the drips from my garden.) The plant did not do well, and when I finally gave up and pulled it out, the roots were totally rotten. Letting the roots just sit in a puddle of water doesn't promote healthy growth above the soil.

I planted cilantro in that same pot this year, in Al's 5-1-1 soil mix. I water the plant, and then make sure to tip out the excess water so the roots don't get mushy.

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I have tons of these pots in varying sizes. My spider plants love them. I have not had problems with soggy roots.

These are designed for water from below, not the top. I have stopped watering from the top for almost all of my plants (I don't keep succulents in this type of pot). You still need to be mindful of how much water your specific plant needs and how often to water it.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I have several of those. Once the drain saucer is removed, they are great pots because of the shape at the bottom and wonderful amount of holes. Understanding your motivation behind wanting this would help to steer you in a better direction, regarding having healthy plants.

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I'm new here and feel quite foolish! I have a Misco Plant Spa which I bought, brought home and realized I don't understant how to use it! I feel silly lol!

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Rochelle, You are supposed to pour water in the saucer at the bottom of the container. The idea is that the water will evaporate into the soil, watering the plant's roots from below.

How much water does an eggplant need? I bought a larger pot from the same brand. My terra cotta pot broke, and this was the only thing available in the size I wanted. How much/how often?

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rebuilder(7a-7b Snellville, GA)

I have a few of these and had several plants barely survive and some just die because of root rot. I was using standard potting mix before I learned about perched water tables(thanks to Al's selfless commitment to educate the masses!)
Anyway you have to use a 5-1-1 mix or similar if you want any success because of the lower PWT. I did have moderate success using a store bought potting mix but that was for a large New Guinea impatien. That was in the middle of a hot summer and sucked up water faster than I could pour it. In other words use a lighter mix with a vigorous growing plant that can withstand wet roots on a cyclic basis.

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Hmm. this container is tricky. It's hard to see how much water is being held in the bottom.

Thanks, rebuilder..

It's been raining all this week, and I decided to see what was caught in the bottom. It looked like nothing. Then, I tipped it over - it was VERY heavy - and LOTS of water came pouring out!

I like the idea of watering it from below if it will evaporate quickly into the soil, but don't want the roots to be overwatered.

I already have standard potting mix in it. I will experiment with small amounts of water below vs removing the saucer and watering from above as usual. The container itself is very nice.

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I believe there is some misunderstanding on how the self watering pots work - the water is absorbed into the soil and and has a wicking action (as long as all the soul is wet) - that means the soil stays at a constant moisture. The other benefit of the resevoir is that it can hold more water longer - great for water loving plants. What that means is the you need to have the right type of soil, a soil that is well aerated and drains well. I personally use a mix of compost, peat miss, perlite and added organic nutrients. These pots work great when properly used, you can water on the top or in the resevoir hole, i sometimes water in the top just to wet the top layer but it probably isn't necessary if the soil doesnt dry out. I have a drip system setup with a majority of self watering containers - since i dont have the earth to plant directly in i decided to take up half the sidewalk with a potted garden - one major drawback to pots is that they don't hold lots of water for very long - thats where self watering containers come in. I am growing tomatoes, peppers, bush beans, and some flowers all in self watering pots with great success. The tomatoes dont crack beacuse they never run out water. Don't plant herbs in self watering containers - most herbs will taste better if they are put under stressful conditions like the soil drying out. Basil is not one of those. But if you get a big enough pot you can plant your basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, etc right with your tomato plant. I also have lettuce and spinach in self watering containers and they do just fine.

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My hubby got me one from the dollar store for $.20, they were selling them out for the year. I had never heard of them before now, my neighbor gave me one when I needed a pot and now I have two, not sure if I am going to try anymore plants inside this winter, already have several going, Coleus, Nasturtiums, Mother-in-law's tongue, and Dumbcane plant, am running out of room to put anymore right now. It is going to get colder soon, so can't put any outdoors so have to have them indoors. Might see if Wal-Marts have anymore in stock, also does anyone know when they will start selling Amaryllis bulbs and if they will have any dwarf ones? I always have GREAT luck with them.

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