Need Shrub Combination Help (Ogon Spirea near Black Lace ?)

mary4b(4b WI)April 13, 2014

I'm doing shrub selections for a backyard shrub garden.
I think I'm on my way to an idea, but am wondering about a few plants that might or might not look good in the mix.

Already there and staying: multi-trunked Sunburst Honeylocust and a Montgomery dwarf blue spruce shrub. Planning to fill in with a lot of hostas...especially blues, maybe a large Sum & Substance or Sunpower accent if I think the colors would work. If not, I could go with a more blue variegated hosta accent like Liberty...

Almost definitely hoping to add: Gentsch White Hemlock, Black Lace Elderberry
The question is: would the Black Lace Elderberry look bad (clash, or be a pukey color combo) if near an Ogon Spirea?

The reason for my concern: I have a shrub border with a lot of Diablo and Summerwine Ninebarks. I discovered that anything yellow near them looked bad to me. In autumn, Black-Eyed Susan were fine, but the yellow from Indian Cup Plant and Oenethera (Lemon Drops) did not look nice, especially if any soft pink got in the mix, I really thought it looked "pukey". (Sorry for the bad word choice.) The ninebarks look greated with pinks with no yellow around or maybe acceptable with yellows, if no pink was around. The pinks I'm referring to were Autumn Joy Sedum / Hollyhocks.

Since the ninebarks have a similar color to Black Lace, that's what makes me concerned about getting into this color combo again, since the foliage on the Ogon will get very yellow in the fall.

And if those would work together, could I add in either or both: Fothergilla Blue Shadow / Hydrangea Quickfire and still be good on colors and textures?

Thank you!

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I just love mixed shrub borders. If you already know that you dislike the yellow color combo then I would omit that one.

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mary4b(4b WI)

I guess I should have just asked more directly...does anyone have experience putting Ogon Spirea with Black Lace....or does anyone have any opinion one way or the other? I think if I don't put pinks in the garden and just stick with blues, it would be a great combo, but it's always nice to have some help from those with more experience.

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