Growing Ramsons aka Bears aka wild garlic from seed

spaghetina(SF Bay Area)March 29, 2012

I picked up a couple packages of seed (only meant to buy one, but I guess I made an ordering mistake) because it sounded so intriguing, but now that I'm reading more about it, it seems as though it takes YEARS to get these plants going from seed.

Has anyone had any experience growing it? Can I just make a little plot for it somewhere out of the way, sow the seeds, keep them watered and leave it alone and expect that at some point in time, I'll have a patch of Ramsons growing there?

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If I use seed it usually takes 2 years to grow. I think your plan will work as long as you keep them weeded. You might inter plant lettuces and other things with them. They will be hard neck which means they will grow a skape, a curved stalk where your seed came from. Pick that while it is still curled, very tasty. Letting it grow on the garlic means smaller garlic cloves. It is faster to plant the cloves of the best plant for your crops in the future.

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spaghetina(SF Bay Area)

So, essentially, if I put the seeds in the ground now, I won't see any green growth and no germination will happen for a couple years?

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