Gritty mix watering

Joe1980(5)May 18, 2011

Ok, so I made some custom "pots" out of little clear plastic jars. I used them because they have thick threads on the top, so I rigged up a solid wire contraption to hold up some jade cuttings for rooting. The threads were perfect to wrap solid wire around, but enough on that. So, after letting my cuttings sit for a month, I decided to pour in the gritty mix, and water. Being a clear jar, I can see the water penetration into the mix, and I was a bit puzzled. The water moistened the top of the mix, and the bottom, but left the middle dry. Now, being able to see that, I rolled the container around while watering to get it all wet.

My concern is, what about pots you can't see in?? How can I be sure that ALL of the mix is getting wet?? The last thing I want is to actually underwater because some of the mix is dry, especially with my venture into bonsai trees.


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If you are using a sprinkler of some sort, even a hose outside, you should have no problem at all.

In fact, I also water slowly with a hand sprinkler that evenly moistens the whole mix, then I water again. I never have a dry spot throughout with this method. The turface moistens very quickly throughout and so does the granite chips and bark.

Hope this helps:-)


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If you are concerned that there may be dry areas left after watering, then insert a wooden skewer or two prior to watering... in different areas. Pull them out when you complete the task to see if any areas remain dry.

If you are watering with a sprinkler/diffuser type hose end or watering can receptacle, and you are watering the medium surface evenly, there should not be any dry areas under the surface post watering. This is something I've not had an issue with.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

For my movable-sized house plants, for a while now I have watered (no matter the potting medium) by dunking and soaking them in a tub of water for about 10 minutes. I do this pretty much once a week (I do check to be sure they need water) and it seems to have eliminated any tendency to over or under water for me.

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I water with only rain water, with a 1/4 strength dose of foliage pro every time. With that said, I'd prefer not to dump a gallon of water in just to water a pot. I usually use a turkey baster, so that I can make sure & water the whole pot and underneath the branches and foliage. I have been just water until the pot drain a bit, wait, then water again. I must say though, the gritty mix seems to moisten up better then the 5-1-1 though. I am still having issues with water repulsion in the 5-1-1.


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