this bark look ok ?

bitzppa(11)May 23, 2013

what do people think about this bark ? 5.1.1 and gritty.

coin is 23mm diameter.


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Looks about like the right size to me. Lots of wood chips though.

It kind of looks like it might be slightly composted, that might just be because it's wet though. If it's not very broken down it's probably perfect for 111, otherwise I'm guessing it's still fine for 511 (which I've never made/used).

Any idea what kind of trees it comes from?

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hi hexalm

its pine bark and yes its wet been raining here.

sap wood about 1% not an issue.

it looks fine to me but was wanting a confirmation from those that know more than me :)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

What kind of a coin is that? Quarter? I'm not very keen on metrics, but I did the conversion and the bark seems to be nicely sized. Looks better than the fir bark that I'm using this year, in fact. And less sapwood, too.

Good score :-)


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