Need suggestions for container in new garden (pic)

garnet69(6A S.Ont)May 24, 2011

We had our front entry relandscaped last year and I now have a small raised bed on one side of my steps. There used to be a large cedar growing in that spot. I have one corner of the bed where I want to plant something in a container but I need some suggestions. I was leaning towards a Hosta or a dwarf evergreen but am not sure what would work best in this spot.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. (I have also posted this in the Shrubs and Perennials Forums)



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I don't know... I might opt for something that gives the corner a touch of height and color, but doesn't compete overly much with the Japanese Maple... and I can picture something trailing over the edge of that pot...

Or, maybe you could echo the salmon/pink color from the other side of the steps... on the other hand, a dwarf evergreen would be nice if the shape and size were right.

What about dwarf Iris or other perennials... or a collection of annuals... or herbs...

A Hosta would be good... in a bright contrasting color, maybe. Something chartreuse or lighter colored that would pop from the corner...

It's kind of tough to picture that corner without the bulbs, which will quickly fade, and the pending growth of the other plants... I think that I, myself, would probably go with either a brightly colored Hosta with a narrower leaf, or a ball shaped evergreen, or I'd echo the color on the other side of the steps and add a chartreuse trailing plant such as "Creeping Jenny".

Whatever you decide, it's a lovely entry...

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garnet69(6A S.Ont)

jodik, thanks for your input. I really like the idea of some Creeping Jenny hanging over the edge of that pot. I think I may do that with some annuals that add a little height. It's the safest route right now.

Thanks again.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Tomato Plant

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Very nice looking entryway, Garnet.

How much sunlight will the plant in the container receive? The picture was taken when the area was somewhat shady, but that probably changes during the day. Also, what zone are you in? If the winters get cold, you will need to figure out how to safely overwinter the plant if you put a perennial/tree in the container. (Of course, if it is suited to your zone, you can always plant the tree or perennial elsewhere in the garden in the fall so you don't need to overwinter it in the pot, and then you get to choose a new plant for the next year!)

Dwarf evergreens can make great container plants but most of them need some sun (4-6 hrs??) There are others that like good morning light but need some protection from afternoon shade.

If you can't decide on a "permanent" resident for your container this year you have many annuals from which to choose. That's one of the fun things about container gardening, you can make lots of changes without doing lots of work until you find exactly what suits you and what thrives!


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