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gardeningmom1April 24, 2014

I'm currently working on redesigning my front garden (southern exposure) areas. I had previously always just thrown things in that I liked with no design in mind. Now I'm realizing how bad that was, and I see these beautiful gardens with clumps of the same plants/flowers in them and so this year I want to redesign them. The long area in this pic will have tumbled Belgian edgers that I'm currently working on installing. The plants in this bed are iris and mums, and I can't remember what the builder said the tree/shrub thing is. I want to expand the bed, at least covering the area where our dog has burned the grass and eventually planting in that area (will post another pic of the area too). I just don't know how to curve the area, and I think I want it to curve around the outside of the sidewalk and then stop, and then do something in the corner between the driveway and the sidewalk (if that makes sense), but we have a sprinkler head there so not sure what I can put there. And any help with what to put in my front flower bed that is between the front steps and the garage would be helpful too. I know what I like when I see it, but can't start a project to save my life!

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Picture of front view of house. This was what it originally looked like, we took out almost everything that was here and moved it other places.

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And the front area between the garage and the steps.

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It is strange that your house faces south yet you have no tree in the yard.

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There is actually a tree outside the window on the left, about half way to the street. And there is also one on the other side of the driveway. I hadn't noticed that those weren't in there. I eventually want to maybe do an island garden to get another tree, but waiting to see on that because I don't want to block the view of my front door with a big tree.

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