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IdahoscoutApril 29, 2011

Our front yard needs a makeover! We have removed the tired plantings from the right side and the rose bushes that were on the left did not make it through the winter. We plan to keep the ash tree w/ red berries in The center rock area, but everything else could be changed. Right now there is a potentilla with it along with various flowering perrenials. The shape of this bed could be changed as well.

The house faces east so gets good light through mid-day. The tree on the right is a flowering crab with reddish leaves with a large spruce behind it. Any ideas? I would very much some help. Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: House Front

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I used to rent a basement apartment in a remarkably similar looking house in Moscow.

I would suggest that you would not want to block those windows to the basement with shrubs. The island does not do much good compositionally in my opinion. If you were to remove that, you could still save the tree, although not the most well placed tree. If you were to do that, you could then make a bed that would be farther away from the basement portion of the house. Light could go in, and the planting can sweep out in front making the rest of the house planting feel right as a recessed planting close to the house - the walkway has forced a narrow bed there to begin with. The space between the windows and back of the planting could have patio flagging, crushed stone (although north Idaho basalt is not very attractive as a crushed surface), or mulch. Smaller low delicate plants could also be added in front and next to rhe windows.

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leafy02(6 Central Kentucky)

We have a split level, too, and I'll disagree slightly with laag about planting in front of the low windows. I didn't want to block too much light,but I also didn't want passers by to have an unobstructed view into the bedrooms. I planted Clethra Alnifolia and have been happy with the results--they are airy enough so they don't block out all the light and they look good from inside looking out (which I am not sure would be the case if they were heavy evergreens).

We have cherry laurels planted beside them where they aren't blocking the windows, and they keep their leaves (in our zone at least) so in winter the house doesn't look naked.

Ont the other side of the front door, we have low-growing Japanese hollies in front of the windows. They aren't tall enough to block any light at all, but the view from indoors isn't as pretty as the clethra, either.

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