can I add compost to this soil less mix?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)May 6, 2013

The 'soil' recipe I have is listed below; it doesn't contain any dirt, it's a soil less mix.

The ingredients for it are listed below; the 'recipe' listed below makes a 30-35 gallon batch

2 cubic feet pine bark fines/mulch
5 gallons EACH spaghnum peat, coarse vermiculite
2 c osmocote (pelleted fertilizer for container garden)
1 c dolomitic lime

I'd like to add compost to this as root veggies really seem to like any type of soil mix that has compost in it.

However I'd like to know how much I can add per batch without compacting the soil mix/it retaining too much moisture.

I'd also like to add compost to it for stuff that is heavy feeders (melons and winter squash).

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dsb22(z7 VA)

From personal experience, I will not use compost as part of a container mix. I don't believe the issue is compaction or moisture retention, as much as that over time, compost turns into extremely fine particles that can keep roots from getting enough oxygen. At most, I would add a little as a top dressing after a container is already planted.

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I recommend you try different amounts of compost in each container. You're already had advice to not use compost (the mix you posted) and you want to do otherwise. I say go for it. It's always better to learn through experience. There's no reason why you should have to take advice of people who have already worked out the mix through experience, when you can repeat their experience and learn the hard way.

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Sounds like the guy above is trying hard to be sarcastic and a jerk. Anyway, most people in this forum recommend a totally inorganic mix (like 1-1-1 gritty) or an organic mix that contains little or no nutrients....that drains quickly. The nutrients come from fertilizer totally in most cases. Air exchange is the priority. I understand this. By the way...Osmocote Plus is almost impossible to find now. My retailer said Scott's told him it is discontinued.

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