Backyard help....shed placement and more?

nadine33April 9, 2014

Hi All,

Quick intro..moved into new construction 2 years ago. Added a swingset and now looking to add shed. Right now, I'm trying to decide on the placement/orientation. I have included a pic to show one orientation (blue rectangle in left back corner) or rotate it 90 degrees so it is parallel with the house. Red line shows our actual porperty line on right side, as technically the town owns the land between us and neighbors, but we use it to play baseball etc on. We are also looking for some landscape designs. Maybe eventually add a pool after swingset goes (kids are 9 and almost 8), but we also utilize a lot of the open space especially on the right side of the property to play baseball,soccer,frisbee,volleyball etc we still want a lot of open space, but I would like to make the rest of the yard loo a little nicer. We expanded our driveway which is why I drew in the addition. We have a patio out back, but not much else. Where the shed is going used to be a small corn garden and rasied garden bed. We like to roast marshmallows in the summer with our (portable) firepit so that would be a nice addition somewhere. Eventually a pool would probably go slightly to the left of where the swingset is based on topgrapy of the land (it lays a little low). ANy ideas???

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back view

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It would make a big difference if the shed is one of those ugly things that must be hidden ... or one of the cute garden sheds that are a charming part of the landscape.

Make a calculation about what other outdoor utility space (that is needed for storage, composting, etc.) that might relate to the shed. You might want to place such an area behind the shed (as viewed from house.)

While you don't necessarily need to plan all the landscaping, you should plan how the grass and landscape area divides (the bed line). The shed could be in the planted area (not too deep in) with the opening adjacent to the lawn, or it could have a path from the lawn to it.

As it stands now, I think your blue rectangle is too close to the side lot line. The first place that jumps out at me as a good possibility is to set the building in the corner (not too deep in) at a diagonal to the house, with the door facing the patio ... but then, it would need to be a cute garden shed.

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Well we're buying a new shed so we can do whatever style we want. Does anyone have recommendation for landscape designer in massachusetts or an online service?

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I wasn't asking what you CAN do. I was asking what you WILL do. Many people who CAN buy a nice garden shed, BUY a crummy one instead ... because of cost, of course.

If you want a local designer to help you, search them out and find samples of their work. When you like their work, interview them to see if their working style fits your wishes. At least one will click.

Here's my thought on a GENERAL way to incorporate a nice garden shed, intended to be seen as much as any other nice feature (the door facing the lawn.)

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