Need Landscaping Advice

ki1971April 23, 2010

New home with no landscaping (with the exception of two small ornamental trees). We have laid out the following two designs and were going to get started on Plan 1 tomorrow. Now I'm having second thoughts and am thinking a more basic plan (like Plan 2) would be better. Thoughts?

We're looking at a red azalea, dwarf burning bush, red astilbe, flame grass (ornamental grass), torch lily and other misc. Right now, I'm just trying to confirm the shape we want. Any advice/thoughts?

Also, I've read that the narrowest part of a bed should be 4' wide - so the area along the walkway, should that be 4' out from the walkway?

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If I were the one cutting the grass, I'd rather mow the sweeping curve of 2 as opposed to the squiggle of 1. I think it looks better, too.

The bed should be wide enough to comfortably handle the plants going in it and look appropriate in terms of scale.

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Okay now I think I understand why Laag has given the advice in other posts about designing the 2-D space (i.e beds) to fit the 3-D forms (i.e. plants, structure...).

I would agree that the second plan would be easier to mow... don't do waves for their own sake, do them for some reason like modifying the negative space (ie. lawn) to suit the plantings and overall design impact.

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