Front porch is flush with scrub bed and pinestraw.

sonyadelaney(8)April 29, 2012

Help! Our front porch (shallow, cement, along the length of the house, covered patio basically) is flush with the front yard but separated by a shrub/flower bed. The bed consists of only small shrubs with lots of room around each. Pine straw is the mulch/filler and the straw spills over onto the porch's cement and surrounding grass. We have edged the outside perimeter however. Any ideas on how to keep the porch from becoming one with the pine straw and bed? A porch railing would actually solve this problem but we rent and can't add on. It currently looks similar to a flood. I don't really want to use any kind of typical fencing as edging though.(a mouth full, I know) Thanks for any inputs!

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A pic is thousands words.You really need to post some pics that show the context and situated and conditions and the property line and the perimeter
of the yard and You need one that shows the overall yard from the street(They are not too close up).
first upload photo to any photo-hosting site.Photobucket and Flickr are examples . While at that photo on the site,
look for a link to "share." Then look for a way of obtaining "html code" (don't select the thumbnail version.)
Copy that code and paste it directly into your message here.

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Thank you so much dol. I'm adding images to my post. Can't believe I didn't do it before. Du'h!

This one shows the yard and house in relation to the flowerbed.

This one is a closer view of the front of the flowerbed edge.

Here's a view of the porch's edge against the flowerbed.

Thank you again!

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It looks like the grade slopes to drain, but that it's slightly too high at the slab. Temporarily remove the pine straw (onto a tarp placed adjacent for easy clean-up.) Then, with a flat shovel, skim the soil off (beginning at the slab) so that it is 1 1/2" below the slab. Continue skimming past and around the shrubs (disturbing them as little as possible) only until you blend in with the existing grade. Obviously, you want to skim only as far as necessary and no more. Don't go past the bed and into the grass. If you end up with a depression next to the grass that would trap water, don't worry about it. Put the pine straw back. Don't go overboard on this. Skim as little as possible and avoid the plants as much as possible.

An alternative method would be to install an edging (like brick) that stands up 2" above the edge of the slab. But this method will add a junky, homespun look to the area. I prefer the first method which looks "cleaner."

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