WANTED: Wanted: Paw paw seedling

kygrl(6)May 3, 2014

I grew one paw paw tree from seed but only have one and I need 2 so I can get fruit.
Also all my butter fly bushes died with weather so cold this winter..
I have to offer:
Comfrey...great for tranplating
Roseanne Germanium.. blue blooms
Evening prim rose yellow [ great for watching it open at dush in less then a minute]
Serberan Iris
New England Aster...Fall blooming..Monarch love it!

Hope I have something you might like.

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I have butt loads of paw paws.........trouble is digging them up in this WV clay soil
I can try after a good rain.........will try a couple from different areas
be patient
PS my butterfly bushes died to the ground, so maybe you will be lucky with yours too

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I can offer you Black Knight bb when it comes back up, it's starting to but needs a little more time and then I'll need to take a cutting and root it.

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Love any color butterfly bush.
Nancy from ky

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I know of a place that will send you a pack of 10 pawpaw seeds for free if you're interested. The seeds are already cold stratified and I'm told that they need to be planted immediately or chill in the refrigerator until they're needed :-) https://www.facebook.com/pages/KSU-Pawpaw/222808837751066

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I have been growing some seedlings!!! The trick is...baby that long, long root...some are about 6" tall with 4-6 leaves so I will gladly try shipping a couple bareroot...I really would like to trade for either black garlic, black currant or any blueberry...any takers??

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