plants 4 trade/ plants I would like....

tina_2May 24, 2011

Black Gamecock iris

Bog Iris - Yellow blooms

Yarrow -white blooms

Artemesia silver -

datura - Large fragrant white blooms , 6 inches!

salvia lyrata - pale bluish blooms

sedum autumn joy -pink

morning glory vine - star of yelta - These flowers remain open longer during the day than most any other Morning Glory! Magnificent! This heirloom Morning Glory, with masses of rich purple blooms from summer till fall!

service berry shrub plant - The serviceberry is deciduous. Large white flower clusters appear on the branches in April, before the smooth, shiny green leaves unfurl. June brings purplish-black berries and fall is highlighted by a brilliant reddish-orange leaf color that lasts for many weeks.

Privet shrub - Privet is a bushy, deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub with oval to lance-shaped dark green leaves. White flowers

Day lilys :

Ditch lily - Large orange flowers

Stella de oro - yellow blooms

Autumn red - red day lily

Soapwort - lite pink.

sedum - creeping type , small yellow flowers

Salvia - Red flowers.

Jewel of Opar - pink.


*** For Shade

root beer plant

strawberry begonia, ground cover - white blooms

creeping fragrant phlox - pink

Variegated Vinca Major vine /evergreen groundcover - blue flowers, green leaf with cream color edges

Variegated Vinca vine ground cover / evergreen - has green with gold leaf and blue flowers

Spearmint - Fragrant ,creeping herb/mint ,purple flowers

Basil " Purple Ruffles"- fragrant purpley black leaves and flowers.

Wandering Jew - purple foliage and flowers.

*** Cuttings ***

Oleander shrub - red flowers

Mock orange shrub - white flowers

Rose of Sharon / Hibiscus -Double lavender blooms.

Fragrant white rose, cl - very fragrant and full flowers.

Fragrant red rose.

Fragrant pink rose, "Belinda's Dream".

passionflower vine , p. incense, large fragrant bluepurpley blooms.

Flame acanthus - these will root in water, very easily!


*** House Plants ***

Peace Lily/ Spathiphyllum


Non Plant Stuff -

I also have really nice medium 5 inch sized and 7 inch- seed baggies to trade.

and homemade plant markers.


plants that I am looking for ;

shade plants

bleeding heart plants


ornamental grasses

big type ferns



daylilies i don't have

elephant ears

large taro


fragrant plants








passionflower vines


turks cap



shade plants

coral bells

tempt me! :)

I Like large trades. Like in the medium to large flat rate box trades due to the cost of postage.

Please, email me directly with your offer.

Thanks for looking! Tina

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