Landscaping...New looking house, pathetic curb appeal.

4CloverApril 6, 2011

Hi, as with another post I made I will say that I am 19yrs old and pretty much know jack about landscaping other than, oh this plant or tree looks cool. I am a guy, and the reason for this landscaping/gardening is because I have a mission that in my old age I will have tackled several forms of art and will be able to travel around teaching a more then likely Lack-of-creativity generation how to make things look amazing. I am currently cleaning my parent's garage and will turn a nice portion of it into a professional looking gardening area, with hopes of inventing devices to make it even easier to maintain the landscape then just having an in-ground sprinkler system. ^.^

Everything you can think of is fair game for spending money on. So have at it or just give me some "leading tips." Thanks

Personally I'd like to have a cherry blossom tree and black pansies somewhere cause both of those look cool.

Thanks for your help. Much Appreciated.

p.s. Of course nothing has bloomed yet so it looks worse, but the general shape of everything should get you a good idea.

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See what you do at 19 with a "Everything you can think of is fair game for spending money on" attitude is try a bunch of stuff, that is experiment. Buy a packet of seeds and have a look at the process but don't look at your watch. Visit gardens read books and test what you read.If indeed creativity is your thing study the medium you want to create with, the wheel has already been done.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I don't know that I would agree that your generation is likely to be any less talented with creativity than mine or any other, and if you are thinking you can make a career of catering to people without creativity or time to pull it off, you will need to have the chops and experience to sway them to pay you for your time.

As Ink as said, get out there and explore, and learn from good examples. Your own development of creativity and talent will no doubt be stimulated much if you are willing to apprentice or take courses, read, travel, and force yourself to make time to create. I think you'll find your own voice if you put the time into really seeing what is already out there, look beyond the confines of just your own surroundings...

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Hello there Lightning McQueen, suggest you spend some time in Radiator Springs before you rush onward!

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