Container "Soil" Mix

mikeleti(7a)May 5, 2013

One would think that with all the talk (and agreement) of a "Gritty" mix being beneficial, why hasent a commercial vendor picked up on it and made it available??

I would love to try it but just dont have the facilities to screen and mix it myself.

Is anything close available commercially??

Thanks in advance.


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fireduck(10a) bring up a great point! I have recently considered the 1-1-1 and 5-1-1 for myself. It would be a quest to get all the stuff...but once the mixing starts it could be fun. There is a concern for vacations and the need for frequent waterings. Sounds cool though...

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I just purchased 2 bags of MG Potting Mix and it is already wet and very fine, looks more like soil to me.

I was visiting a friend in Florida recently and he had pot full of very chunky, coarse, material, I asked to see the bag and it was MG Potting Mix, same name, same bag.

I don't get it, coarser mix in Florida???


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