Corner White Picket Fence ideas

annainva(z7 MD)April 1, 2009

We have a large flat front yard and I want to make a focal point. Thought I would do a corner picket fence at the corner of the walkway leading to the front door and the driveway. In addition, I thought it would be nice to include a (faux) mailbox which would serve as a planter.

My question: Should I erect the mailbox post behind the corner post of the fence, or in front ? I would also plant some lower roses or other bright flowers.

Thank you for your ideas.


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nycynthias(Z6 NY)

Since it's a faux mailbox and doesn't need to meet postal code, how about mounting it actually ON the corner post? I think that would look cleaner than having a second post near the corner of the picket fence.
Or, for an alternate idea, how about a cute birdhouse mounted on the post instead?
If you do decide to do the faux mailbox thing, just make sure to check with your postmaster first because there are regulations about what you can and can't do with mailbox-like items. (I know it seems silly, but we actually had to move our mailbox because it was 1.5' too far from the street)

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I have a wooden white picket fence in the corner of the front yard by the driveway. It is too plain. I need something to "add" to it for color and interest. What are your ideas?

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Would a window box look good, you could paint it a contrasting color like black so that it would look just as goo in winter.

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You know a window box doesn't solve design problems, Ink, but big, bold house numbers might. Although I prefer house numbers spray painted on a boulder. Sometimes gypsies will do that for you.

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