Landscape design help please!

Turner58800April 18, 2014

Hi! I am new here, and appreciate any advise given! We have owned our house for about 5 years now and have slowly been working on the front landscaping.
Here is a picture from when we bought it:

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This is what it looked like last year. I would like to put a window box on the window to the left of the front door. I am looking for suggestions/ideas for two things.
1. I am interested in ideas concerning the area to the left of the cherry tree, the big space of red siding. I am thinking about a trellis with a climbing rose bush but open to other ideas! This flower bed is 23x13.5 at its largest measurements.
2. I am considering adding a second flower bed that would start at the right corner of the house, come out around the tree, and run parallel to the sidewalk. I am open to other suggestions for the front yard, and thoughts on this idea. Please share! The tree is about 8 ft away from the house and is about 6 ft. in diameter. There is about 11 ft from the sidewalk to the right edge of the house. Our house faces west if that helps! Thank you!

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This is from a couple years ago, but is a more "head-on" view of the house.

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I like the idea of the window box ... but one that is big enough to actually grow plants .... not a tiny plastic one that will need to be watered 3 times a day. Set it low enough that the plants in it won't cover much of the window bottom.

I also like the idea of the trellis w/ rose in front of the blank wall. But make the trellis substantial ... not a flimsy, ready-made one. The trellis should look good even when no rose is on it.

I think it is fine to enclose the tree in a bed, but I would not extend the bed in front of the walk so that the walk is enclosed and is claustrophobic and confining. (Enclosing near the tree/front porch is fine.) It would be best to keep low, groundcover-like plants in that bed, except what you plant the foundation right at the house.

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Yes, I was thinking begonias and maybe sweet potato vines for the window box.
As for the trellis, thank you for pointing out it needs to be substantial and look good without plants growing on it. I agree.
I also see your point about not encasing the side walk. Although my original idea was to line both sides of the walk with solar lights as there is not good light on our street. If I keep it around the tree, any ideas on plants? I wonder if it will look weird to have different plants in the two beds?
I was thinking azaleas in the back by the house, host as around the tree, and something for ground cover to extend from the host as to the edge of the bed?
On our existing bed, does it need more? Or as those plants mature, will it fill in enough?
Thank you for all advice and insight!

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