concrete stepping stones

sandienc(Z7 NC)April 29, 2010

Does anyone know where the 12" round--2" thick, plain cement stepping stones can be purchased? I would like to make more stained glass stones for my gardens but don't want to pour the stones myself. I've bought them in the past but I haven't seen them anywhere in a couple years.

(just the 12" square.)


Sandie in Harrisburg NC

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Your best bet might be posting your question on the Garden Junk Forum.

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think any big box store would carry those.


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I'd been interested in that size and shape at one point, and I know that our Lowe's hasn't had round stepping stones for the three years I've been going there. Maybe round is out of fashion?

The big construction materials place only has fancy 24" square la-di-dah slabs of 4" thick Real Stone. I can buy cinder blocks from them but no concrete stepping stones. Seems odd.

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There is a book called Garden Stone by Barbra Pleasent. Very insperational and could point you in a direction that will help you be creative in the ideas you are trying to achieve. One place to start looking is a local stone yard. They can give you some ideas you may not have consiered and probably less expensive. For expample there is a chapter about mosaic stone pathways. Great for the stone collector not so much if you want to do something fast. However it is an idea that could be explored and then acted upon. For what it is worth check out the option of a stoneyard, it is what they do and if near your area they can probably help with your goal. I'm going to mine rather soon. As for the big box stores they really are going with what the demand is so it becomes somewhat limited. "Fashion forward is what sells." Not so much if you want something more unique. Good Luck!

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