Does the low voltage lighting I want even exist?

marti8aApril 20, 2014

Right now we have the kind that has a stake on each light, and the stakes are pushed into the ground. The cord is on the ground covered with mulch.

The problem is that fire ants LOVE electric stuff and they keep getting into the light.

Is there a low voltage system that attaches to the brick or siding? If so, what do you do with the cord to keep it out of sight?

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Low voltage lighting has come so far and become so popular that you can find fixtures to do everything except bark like a dog. You're not going to find the better stuff sitting on the shelf at Home Depot, though. Your best bet, if you're looking to DIY the install, is to contact local electrical and lighting suppliers to see who carries low voltage lighting (stone yards and nurseries occasionally stock these as well). If you're looking to have the system installed for you, reach out to a landscape lighting contractor.

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