Has anyone used EcoSmart Insect Killer on Vegetable Plants?

NoRoom2GrowMay 3, 2012

So far, I just see mosquitoes ants and Carpenter Ants crawling around my containers.

I was wondering if its okay to use this product on Tomato, Pepper & Cucumber Plants?

Only ones blooming are Jalapenos so far.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

I've used it, and I hated it. I found it expensive and ineffective. It gave me rashes for one, and I found the phototoxicity of the product to be unpredictable. I use neem (100 percent cold pressed please) w/ murphy's oil soap & water once per week and I also keep a quart bottle of water, 70% alcohol, and murphy's oil soap around for knock down during the week, if needed. We struggle with whiteflies and leaf miners in my locale so my regime may be irrelevant to your particular needs, but it works well enough for me.


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

NR2G: I have used something similar with citrus oils and various herbs in it and in burned many of my seedlings even though I used it late in the day. I don't know where you are having problems with ants and mosquitoes, but whether it's inside or out, neither insect will hurt your plants. Different pesticides work for them. Ant traps containing boric acid are safe and don't come in contact with people, pets or plants. Mosquitoes are best dealt with by using mosquito dunks (BT) to kill their larvae where they are breeding. Be careful to choose pesticides that really target the insect that is actually causing damage to your plants.

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if spray-on insecticides are not your thing, then maybe move over to using granular insect killer

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