Any opinions welcome on this. trying to fix an ugly disaster

MarinewifencApril 2, 2013

here is the back of my house, which faces south. all along the house is weeds, all around the deck I can't get grass to grow. around the side still within the fence is my a/c which always has weeds growing around it.

looking for a relaively cheap solution to the problem since we rent here but I am so sick of how ugly it looks and i am sick of the weeds. I can't pesiticide because i have dogs.

recently seeded the yard and had some mole damage to fix, i know it's a mess :(

anyways my plan:

digging around the entire backside of the house and around the a/c unit, putting down weed fabric, and putting cypress mulch on top and then edging it. it would come out around the sides of the deck to cover the bald areas in a kind of rounded shape. about 2-3 feet wide around the house, and expanding around the deck somewhat where the corners are. this would also go around my a/c unit to keep the weeds from taking over.

ive considered "Forsythia 'Golden Times" planted in each corner of the deck (where the deck meets the house) and possibly spaced out maybe 2 more at the back of the house .

What do you think? This has to be dog safe so plant wise i am very limited, they will destroy flowers or shorter plants. and theyw ill eat or at leas chew on some. training them not to isn't an option because i foster for rescues so i will have other dogs temporarily until they can get to their rescue.

any other suggestions, or opinions?

including pictures of the area.

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back of house

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deck. also putting down lattice around the deck so the dogs stop going under it

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side of deck

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this was my edging of choice for affordability reasons. needing about 100 ft

if i do this i need some reassurance that i wont regret it, that it would improve the appearance and be less work with the weeds. also any suggestions on what to put along the back on top of the mulched area *to be mulched) to make it less plain. i do have two raised planters about 36 inches tall, shelf type, 36 inches wide, that i could plant flowers in and put in there without the dogs messing with it because it will be so hig off the ground.

also have a ton of solar lights still in the box

Here is a link that might be useful: link to edging

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molie(z6 CT)

Marinewife, the fact that you rent and also rescue dogs limits what you can do with this yard. If you can't contain the dogs' activities with a fenced-in area, this is a no-win landscaping situation. Sorry, but the dogs will pee on, chew at and dig up mulch or whatever you plant, and a lush green lawn just won't happen.

Not sure where you live, but you might want to do some research via local nurseries or extension offices to find grass varieties or shrubs for your situation.

Meanwhile, if I were you, I'd get some deck boxes for the railings around the deck and design a few small boxes of annuals. Flowers around the edge of that railing might brighten your spirits while you hunt for solutions to your unique situation.

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