Help! Wrong Lime in 5-1-1

jms83914(5)May 30, 2011

I was just careless... I have lawn lime and garden lime and added the wrong one in the correct amount. I remember reading that the Ca to Mg ratio had to be correct. The lawn lime appears to be a lot Mg to a little Ca. Can it be saved?

Thanks in advance


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I've never seen a lime product with too much magnesium and too little calcium (magnesium oxides and carbonates are much less common than similar calcium compounds).If you still have the package, post the listed mineral percentages. The different names of lime are so badly mixed up and unstandardized, it's really hard to know what to use sometimes.

If you used the correct amount of either lime, you likely just need to use epsom salts when you fertilize/water to provide the extra magnesium. You may not even need to do that, if your plant isn't particularly magnesium hungry. Veggies (especially tomatoes) and roses tend to enjoy magnesium though.

I wouldn't worry about the pH of the mix, it should be fine.

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"Lawn lime" might have weed killer in it. Be sure.

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