self watering buckets

Edwin Heiser IVMay 28, 2011

ok i not going to say much just watch my two videos and lets get the conversation started

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do you think that your soil mix will hold too much water for pepper plants? thats alot of peat moss.imo

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Edwin Heiser IV


what do you think would be better?

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same color cups?

Here is a link that might be useful: Global Buckets

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My SWC peppers and eggplants did best is a mix of 3 parts Dr Earth Potting Soil, 3 parts aged pine bark, and 2 parts pearlite. I used wicks made from a synthetic mop instead of a wicking cup.

I got some good ideas from your watering setup.

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my mix si
3 parts shredded pine bark and compost equal parts
3 parts peat moss
2 parts perlite

for peppers in swc's

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