Mineral Deficiency- Which Mineral?

JVjavaMay 25, 2011

I am pretty sure I have a mineral deficiency. In the last 2 days my tomatillos which are in #15 nursery containers have developed this spotted chlorosis pattern, and it is appearing on more leaves and more pronounced. Does anyone know which mineral deficiency this could be. I am fertilizing with MG 24-8-16, a little less than 1/2 strength about every 8 days (each watering) they otherwise appear healthy, and are producing fruit already. Below is a link to the pictures.

Thanks, Jon

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomatillo Leaves

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i am by no means a professional(this is my second year of growing in pots) but from what i have read on here and the pictures i have seen. this might be a case of the annoying little spider mite! the yellow will continue to spread till the leaf falls off. if this is your enemy you can only keep them under control. they are worse to get rid of than a overly needy significant other(so i hear) i hope i am wrong for your sake.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It's always a good idea to eliminate the possibility of insect pests (like mites) before you begin looking toward nutrient deficiencies/toxicities as the trouble source, so please do that by holding a white sheet of paper under affected leaves & tapping them vigorously, then look for moving pepper-fine specks on the paper.

Because of your fertilizer, I would start asking questions about what soil you're using and whether or not it contained lime and what kind. It does looks like fairly early stages of a Mg deficiency (chlorotic blotches) - and I would strongly suspect Mg if the spots turn from chlorotic to necrotic.


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I don't think it is pests. I have been pinching aphids, and cleaning off the leaves 2x a day. I did the paper test, and found nothing. I'm using the same soil that I have my pepper plants in. I posted in an earlier thread. I am using GreenAll soil booster and perlite. about 50/50 ratio. I did not add lime. The pH was right at 7 when I tested about 2 weeks ago. I did contact our local water supply and our H2O is about 120ppm alkalinity. (calcium carbonate, I think?) so I have been putting about 1 tsp. vinegar per gallon of water into the water when I water. I also have been filling 5 gallon buckets of water a couple of days before I water to let the chlorine dissipate a little before I water. I add the vinegar and nutrients to the water when feeding the plants. I was thinking about adding lime but did not want to raise the pH. Greenman, said I could use gypsum to add calcium without raising pH. Should I quit adding vinegar? Should I get gypsum? I ordered FP 9-3-6 today, should be here Tuesday and will make the switch... I have pretty good drainage. when I water about 10% seems to be draining through the holes. It's been warmer this week, so I actually had to water again today, after 5 days. I used a little less than 1 tbsp. of MG 24-8-16, and the vinegar in a 2.5 gal. water jug.

Thanks again for all your help. I have 4 plants with peppers on them, about 15 little tomatillos, and about 10 little green tomatoes, so something at least there is some good news too.


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