how to repot a good size fruit tree?

charleslou23May 28, 2012

I got a couple of tropical fruit trees currently in a 15 gallon pot that i want to repot to 20 or 25 gallon container. These trees are about 5, 6 feet tall so I'd imagine the root are pretty deep or all over in the current pot. What's the safest way to get them outta their current pot without damaging their root and even without destroying the current container?

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If they are in a 15 gallon plastic nursery pot it should be pretty easy. I usually lay the pot on its side and roll it to loosen the root ball in the pot, then just slide it out while still laying on its side. With a clay or ceramic container, this won't work, and depending on container shape, it could be a real struggle. Al

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is now a good time to repot or wait until winter when the tree dormant?

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The tree is a tropical fruit tree and as such probably does not have a true dormant cycle. I would do it now as long as I had a place to keep it in the shade for the next month while it recovers from the stress of being transplanted. Al

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