HAVE: Hardy tall 20 ft banana tree to zone 6 trade

gardenpondgirlMay 15, 2014

I recently started dating and my boyfriend has a pond. I gave him tons of my plants for so many died during the horrible winter in north GA. I have hardy banana trees. We had snow and ice for a week. I lost so many plants but not my banana trees, why, they are hardy and many have tried buying banana trees and only these survive. I am looking for trade for pickerel rush, water plants etc

I have some exotic lily bulbs that bloom in pink and the bulb is larger than a enormous sweet potato. Don't know the name. I do have these to trade flower is huge and leave a huge beautiful tall foliage, tropical look all summer. Can't kill as well. It loves all zones.

My girlfriend is moving and giving me each of her plants. I will post many of these for trades of water plants, I guess it is important to get his pond pretty. He is such a man. Needs a lady to make it pretty. lol

I will list all my trades within a week. There will be a lot but I will have about every exotic plant already due to my friend, only seeking water/pond plants. I give generous amount trades by the way. It has been years since I have been on site due to fibromyalgia.

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I mostly specialize in aquatics but am looking to expand my terrestrial collection, so I'd be happy to swap with you. :) Among my pond/aquatic collection are:

Graceful cattail (Typha laxmannii)--"hardy
Variegated Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus 'Variegata')--"hardy
White Zephyr Lily (Zephyranthes candida)--"not hardy unless you're down south
Lizard's Tail (Saururus cernuus)--"tender perennial here in the north, hardy in the south.
Arrowhead Plant (Sagittaria sp.)--"hardy
Golden creeping jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea')
Mint Charlie (Clinopodium brownei) (not hardy unless you're down south, this plant is EDIBLE and has a lovely mint flavor)
Ammannia mauritiana (pretty pink flowers and red stems)--"Tropical (Seeds only right now)
Might also be able to track down a rush of some sort (Juncus or Scirpus) if I poke around my tubs.

SUBMERSED (oxygenators):
Hornwort/coontail (Ceratophyllum demersum)
Eel grass (Vallisneria spiralis)

...I probably have more that I'm not thinking of at the moment. My collection is more geared toward aquarium species than pond species, but there is, as one might expect, a great deal of overlap involved.

Shoot me an email if anything catches your attention! :)

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I would love to have pickerel rush. My sister is horrible with plants. She gave me pickerel rush 4 years ago. I did not have a pond and eventually they dried out as I could not a place to put them.She had taken out her pond. I am going to post that I also have hardy pink amerilys nots spelled right. Hey, have you ever come across dinner plate hibiscus. Had these in Ky. What anawesom plant.

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Could you email me at ekierkla@gmail.com? I have thing to trade for you bannas

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