Mixed Border Questions

fluffybuttApril 26, 2010

Hi, I was hoping to get some ideas on a mixed border I'm trying to do to create privacy on the one side of my yard.

I already have some newer plants but might need to rearrange them.

How do your alternate the shrubs? Do you use a couple of the same shrub next to each other or do you vary them? I was thinking of layering some various shorter shrubs in front of the taller ones, but for the back row, I'm not sure how to arrange the shrubs.

I've got two tea olives right now for the back row. A flowering quince, butterfly bush, spirea, and ninebark to go in front of the taller shrubs. And then there's a couple trees in there too.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I have a similar privacy screen along one border of our property...tall evergreens for the back row and flowering decidous shrubs in front. For the back row, we planted on 10' centers and came out about 10' from the property border. We used leatherleaf Viburnums, Carolina cherry laurels, chinese variegated ligustrum, and Ilex 'Nellie R. Stevens' in a balanced pattern across the length of the row.

For example, if you were to follow the back row across, we planted: viburnum, cherry laurel, holly, ligustrum, cherry laurel, holly, cherry laurel, ligustrum, holly, viburnum. Because we used a mixture of the same plants on both sides of the center and ended with the same plant, the screen is balanced. For the front row of deciduous flowering shrubs, we followed a similar pattern, but staggered the shrubs so that they wouldn't align with the plants in the back row.

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Oh thank you very much! I've seen your beautiful privacy screen several times before but it is hard to tell from a picture actually how it's laid out. That really helps. It sounds like you had a lot of space to work with and came out much further than I have done. The tea olives I have are pretty close to the fence and about 5 ft apart. Maybe I need to move them out a bit.

How big is your space? Mine is not all that large--about 50 ft long and 8 ft in some spots and maybe 12 or so in others. I could take out some more grass and enlarge it some.

Thanks again for explaining the lay out.

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