Child Friendly Landscaping Ideas

missgritsApril 7, 2010

Our backyard is a blank slate. Basically it's a fenced in large rectangle with power lines running along the back. We have been searching the web for photos of tropical landscape designs that incorporate child (toddler) friendly ideas such as a swingset, a tricycle track, a sand box etc, but also includes areas for the adults.

Does anyone have any photographs or websites which show such a design?

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We're in Ireland so not much use to you I'm afraid, but we specialise is small residential garden designs that are very child friendly. I've included a link below so you can take a look at some pictures. Would love to know what you think of them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Small Child Friendly Garden Design

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

We had a large lath house with the swing and sandox inside. Grape vines covered it. Might be an idea for warm zone 10 using another type of vine. Adults never came inside.

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My SIL built a nice set of swings with 1 a tire & a large platform & big slide. It looked great but the slide was hot all the time in So. Ca. so it got used a little in winter but too hot to use most of year. The large platform would have been a fine fort with a large roof over it maybe going out over the slide. The "steps" were like a large board with strips attached so you could walk up it with a large knotted rope in your hands,rope was attached at top of ramp on an upright post, kids loved that part.Their favorite thing was trampoline with a netting around it so couldn't fall off & crack your heard. My kids favorite thing was toddlers-little swimming pool, dumped & changed water each day, got aluminum sided pool as they got about 4 & at 5 son took lessons but instructor asked if she could use my 3 year old DD.The class kind of got shamed into learning, figured if she could go under they could too! She had no fear of water & soon I had 2 excellent swimmers. Got 3 ft deep pool 12-14ft across with ladder. Otherwise they liked to ride bikes & had regular swing set with trapeze ? bar you could hang on, always hanging around or hanging from a tree if they weren't doing other 2 things. Kind of go with things they seem to like. Sandbox is a mess if not always covered every cat will find it. If they don't like sand all over don't bother. DS loved to take his trucks or matchbox cars in garden area I would make for him in shady spot just 6 ft long & 2 ft wide & he played there a lot.

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