What to plant in my veggie containers

Pegleg48(6a Toronto)May 24, 2012

Hello all

I'm new to the forum, and fairly new to container gardening. I have a little deck on the back of my apartment, and just got a couple big 20", 5+ gallon containers. I have a room full of seedlings (I started everything from seed this year), including wild cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, black beauty eggplant, two kinds of peppers, some cucumbers that will soon get transplanted, etc.

I got the large containers to accommodate the tomatoes mostly, but also the eggplant, and there will be a good amount of space left around the main plant for something smaller.

I know basil grows well with tomatoes, but what grows well with peppers? eggplant? other stuff?

also, anything I can direct sow at this point. It's finally warm enough here now for everything to go outside.

Any help welcome.


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Did you try to read about 'companion planting'?

You can find good advice if you google it, here is just one of the sites (there is many more):

You get advice on what-to-plant-with-what, what combinations to avoid, intercropping and crop rotation.
I always read thru to get ideas...Rina

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I don't want to discourage you, but I think your containers are not large enough to hold more than one tomato or eggplant, or maybe two cucumbers or peppers each. I would not try to add any companion plants. All of these vegetables need a lot of root space and will need to be watered and fed often. They will get at least three to six feet tall, or wide and need staking or trellises. They will shade or crowd out plants like basil so it won't do well. I've been growing container vegetables for many years and learned that you need to use the largest containers you can. I tried companion planting in containers many times, and it never worked.

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Pegleg48(6a Toronto)

Well, I've finally got things in the "ground"
I've done a bit of companion planting, but nothing drastic. I have two apx 10 gallon pots with 1 tomato each, but since they are really deep, and the tomatoes are still pretty small, I've planted a few nasturtiums, and am going to try to grow carrots on the outer edges (I'm assuming by the time the tomatoes get big enough, the carrots should be ready to pull)
I've planted my cucumbers in long containers (apx 2" long, 1" deep), and am starting carrots in one of them. I'll do lettuce in the other.
Haven't gotten a big pot for my eggplant yet, but I think it's going to live on its own. Peppers also got their own pots.
Thanks for the advice, though. I'm trying to maximize planting space, without horribly overcrowding.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Please let us know how things turn out. You'll never know what's going to work in your conditions until you try.

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