NAPA Floor Dry replaces which: perlite or bark fines?

jbharris88May 10, 2011

I can't seem to find bark fines anywhere in Chicago, but I can get a hold of floor dry just fine. Which is it used to replace - perlite or bark fines in Raybo's 3:2:1 mixture? I'm getting different takes reading through old forums.

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I thought you could use fine reptile bark/bedding which is available at any Petco. Works "fine" for me.

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I'll let others comment on the replacement question but....

I'm not in Chicago, but I'm in the same region and the local Home Depot currently carries very acceptable PBF under the Golden Triumph label. As many others have mentioned, check the bags because there tends to be variability - even on the same pallet. HD also has ground cocoa shell mulch - a bit more expensive, but I've used it as a substitute for PBF in the past with great success.

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Thanks for your input. I've check 2 different HD's in the City but not Menard's.

Neither of these answer the question though: is floor dry replacing perlite OR bark fines?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It would be closer to the Perlite, but not an exact substitute.
The Floor Dry holds moisture internally, whereas the Perlite holds moisture externally.
Since the Floor Dry holds a lot of moisture, you'd use less of it than you would Perlite.

I don't know the exact ratios of the formula that you'd want, though.


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>>> I'm getting different takes reading through old forums.
Is this because you're mixing it up with the gritty mix, floor dry replacing Turface?

It would certainly hold more moisture than the Perlite and when packed tightly, as much or more than bark.

If you put Raybo's 321 Mix in the title, you'd get his attention a lot easier ;-) He tends to pick those posts up quickly.

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