Fixing my Landscape Redesign

ahart1234April 24, 2014

Last fall, we put all new shrubs in the front of our house. I knew I wanted to go green and white, but instead of really planning it out, I went to the landscape store and bought shrubs that I fell in love with. I like how the right side of the house turned out, but I'm not in love with the results on the left side, so I'm hoping for some advice in making it look better. I'm thinking of replanting the 4 big boxwood balls along the front planting bed on the left side of the house and trimming them into a small hedge, so that it matches the hedge on the other side of the house. I'll then get a few more boxwood to continue the hedge up to the big boxwood alongside the left of front step. So, on the left side of the house it will be a boxwood hedge all the way from the holly to the big boxwood next to the steps, with the white hydrangeas in the middle. When I have the brick stairs repointed, I will also gradually widen the upper brick walkway just slightly so that it ends as wide as the stairs. I'm planning to remove the blue spruce and replace it with a flowering tree, maybe a pink dogwood. I'm also thinking about putting a white window box on the window on the left side so I can add some more interest to the big wall, especially until the hollies grow bigger. I'm also thinking about planting climbing roses on the left side to help hide the power line and meter. To finish it off, I'd like to continue the vinca groundcover along the front of the house, and use it instead of mulch. Do these sound like good ideas? Thanks!

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How can people evaluate if unable to see what you're talking about? Please add enough pictures to explain.

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