Help! Need to Update Exterior!

AmyESLPApril 25, 2014

Hi! We are wanting to update the exterior of our house. The front door definitely needs new paint but should we go with black or red? New lights? Should we add decorative shutters? What about the landscape? I think the bushes need a trim but how much? Thank you for your time! :-)

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At this stage, you couldn't see decorative shutters. And I venture most people would go for a red door. As for lighting - always a personal choice when there's so much to choose from in keeping with the style of your house.

Trim down the hedge on the right at least a foot; perhaps 18". Unless you're thinking of taking them out altogether, having them squared off is okay for this particular application. Might be my own personal bias, but I don't mind a neatly trimmed appropriate height hedge.

Eliminate the ball shrub altogether; cut it down to the ground and dig or hack out as much of the stump and underground roots as possible.

I'm torn on the red tree; it's too big for the space and probably slaps against the house. A good arborist could give you options for a professional cutting or trimming back - or even having it taken out.

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could you please show a clear, sharp, close picture in good lighting of the round green shrub immediately right of door? ... Framed close while getting the entire shrub, top to bottom, in the pic. Also, give an indication of what is directly behind it on the house. Tell what kind of shrub it is.

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It looks like the hedge may have covered a mullioned window. I'd like to see that window. What is that flowering plant?

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