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bline22April 7, 2010


I have some poor drainage in the back corner of my yard. The new house to my east is going to be pushing further water towards me so I can expect a good chunk of my yard to be under water. Also, in the back corner where most of the water goes, adjoining it is a holding pond for storm sewer overage. there is a gravel road that runs on he south side of my lot that allows access to this pond. The city said that if i wanted I could dig a trench to bury some pipe to have it drain there if i wanted.

I have the trench dug so need to bury some pipe. My questions are:

Should use burried drain tile in hopes the water will run through the soil an into the drain tile and then away from my yard? Do i need a drain at ground level to make this work?

With that gravel road back there, should i put down PVC from the back of my yard to the pond to make sure that if there are trucks coming in back there and driving on the road that the pipe will hold up to any traffic and not crumple making this worthless?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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If this is going under a road I would think you need a culvert. If it is a public road the city should pay for it.

I don't think either a clay or PVC pipe would stand up to truck traffic. If there were a culvert you could use PVC up to the road and have it drain into the culvert.

If the city won't pay for the culvert I'd run it to the road and let it drain there. Then let the city deal with it. At least it would be away from your property.

An alternative would be to install a dry well

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Thanks for the reply.

No, the city wont pay for it unfortunately and to run it to the road would be difficult. where the water sits is the furthest point from my lot to the road.

I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but when I said trucks I guess i meant maybe a pickup is all. It is very rare anyone drives back there but even so, i will not be a happy camper if the next time it happens the thing collapses.

How does a dry well work? We have a lot of clay around our area. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

The city may not pay for it, but I bet they will want you to insatll in to their specs where it goes under their road. Maybe you could buy the matierals and they would install it? Drainage is a very tricky issue. I would reccomment and engineer to do it up right.

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You'd get more info if you googled dry well. What it basically is is a storage tank for water that is gradually leached out. It has been used for ages to control wet areas

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