Witch Hazel / Lilac - Companion Planting?

sunauna(6/7)June 19, 2013

Hi Garden Web Members! I've gotten a lot out of the site, prior to joining, from reading Q&A's between others. Thanks a million!

My garden is new - I just moved and populated a virgin rooftop terrace with easily 35 plants, some of which are large-growing shrubs. I'm anticipating healthy growth of what I already have but would like some winter color. Would it be possible to plant witch hazel together with my syringa vulgaris (lilac) in one big pot? Or would they be better off being in separate pots?

Thanks in advance!

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I would definitely keep them separate, unless perhaps if the pot was actually a tub. I think they would look better that way, and you might avoid the trouble of intertwined roots, when repotting or root pruning. You could always plant something with a shallow root system around them, that wouldn't compete too much for space, like low growing sedums, if you want the pots to fill out a bit.


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