Can someone help with landscaping for my front yard?

daydreamernh(NH 5)April 19, 2010

I obviously can't draw a crocked line. LOL I would like to soften up the look of the front of this house. Pull out the scalloped edges and continue the bed from the front left side of the house around the front of the fence. I will be adding patio blocks thru the bed in the corner of the house for access to the side of the house. This is the slouth side of the house with no real shade tree to speak of. It gets almost full sun, some dappled shade during the day from the thin tree in the front yard. Main street location , some wind. The neighbors trees behind the white fence are pines. I am looking for suggestions of shrubs and small conifers. Any ideas?

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Hi, I like that you are willing to go to the sidewalk or almost. Soften this up by incorperating the existing tree in front. Follow the same curves just swing it around the tree and continue along the entryway sidewalk. Yes you will loose a good bit of lawn, however it appears that you might be willing to do this as the side yard is small. You should be able to add a walking path to the side and back yard. You could plant a small tree or large shrub at the corner of the fence at sidewalk and work from there. Take this picture to a nursery and let them guide you. I like large beds can you tell? LOL! Good luck!

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karinl(BC Z8)

I like this too, and think this is a house that will really thrive on having rich foundation planting. I do not think you need to tuck the line into the pathway around the side; I would pull it out and make it a single gentle curve. Your pathway can extend through as much garden as you like. I'm not sure I would incorporate the tree, as I'm not sure I like the tree in front of the door.


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daydreamernh(NH 5)

My other half would not be willing to give up that much front yard. So I need to stick to slightly enlarging the dept of the bed in front and run along side the fence at a similar depth. The front walkway is going to have to stay clear because we have awfull problems with the city tearing up that part during the winter, They run the plow truck along the sidewalk there and rip up the lawn. The pathway woul dbe just so we don't have to walk thru dirt and mulch to get to the side of the house. Karin, I hate, hate that tree. It's grows really weird, straight up and was in bad shape. Branches all crossed and tangled. We pruned it as best we could last year, hoping it starts growing nicer. If not it will get pulled down and I would love a nice fast growing shade tree in the front yard. I wouldn't keep it directly in front of the front door either.
Does any one have any ideas as to types of shrubs that would do well? Any ideas on some conifers or small trees?



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Tree should die, now.

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hi dd,

Bye bye tree. Think a small cluster of odd numbered medium local type trees you like to give as a suggestion of a beginning forest and local forest ground covers and flowers (reduces mowing husbands like that). Sorry don't like the house color either. An earth tone(chickadee gray goes well with green and any plant color) which de-accentuates the massive house front. Use a white-ish house trim color to accentuate the picket fence. Spiff up the entrance architecturally with some depth relief and wider more semicircular stoop. Sorry, I know this is too much for the hubby to handle, but get him involved in the overall plan and he may buy in for the short term. Brrr that house looks cold or was it just the mention of the snowplow. Main thing is to make it fun. JMHO Aloha

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Hi stormz - if u can I would seriously get rid of that tree in the center of the yard...maybe u can transplant it?? U can leave your house color white but your shutter color is tough to work with...I would just change that if u can...maybe a very dark green-greenish black...or a dark blue...& then paint the front door another color. I would consider planting a Sky Pencil on either side of the front door to frame it & definitely pull the front beds out in a curved line bc the house is very flat itself. I'd plant a Serviceberry towards the front of the curve (in bw windows) and place an arbor with a good climbing rose at the corner where u want access to the side of the house. U can add a pennisetum grass ('Little Bunny') on each side of the arbor. Along the fence I'd consider some rhododendrons of choice w/smaller azaleas. I'd dot those azaleas in the curved beds along front with some smaller boxwoods or yews kept low (2 1/2 feet high). Step back & evaluate...& in areas that appear bare or need color - add a favorite flowering perennial. One more thing - a fairly inexpensive way to add some dimension to your flat house is to install window boxes. I did this to my house and it really made a WORLD of difference! Good luck and post a pic when you're done re-landscaping!

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daydreamernh(NH 5)

Thanks for the suggestions. The house is actually a dove color not quite white, more a very lite gray, the shutters are white now but I was thinking of going with blue or green or burgundy. I like the idea of the sky pencils and the arbor. I wanted an arbor somewhere but wasn't sure where to put it. I thought Rhodys need more shade then the front of the house provides. It is sun all day. I planted one between the windows in the front of the house and no matter what I have done, it gets too much sun and no winter protection(getting ready to pull it out.) Serviceberry- have to look that up.


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Generally speaking rhodeys do prefer part sun locations but there are those that are pretty sun tolerant. Maybe alternate them with another non-flowering evergreen along the fence. But you can check out this website to get some suggestions for sun tolerant rhododendrons. As for the serviceberry (aka shadblow, amelanchier)it is native Maine to Carolinas(which is where I THINK u are?) - pretty disease resistant, early white flowers in spring, yellow-reddish/orange leaves in fall and pretty striped sometimes silverish bark for winter. :-)

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