beginning seeking help with bed design

suzan30April 20, 2014

I'm in desperate need of advice. I've been working on cleaning up my very small urban backyard, most of which is a redbrick patio, although I have two raised beds to work with. I had some scraggly overgrown bushes removed and it seems very spacious. I want to start redoing the L shaped bed. Right now, there are two small rose bushes that I would like to keep, but I'm not sure what will work with them. Would hydrangea and lilies be ok on the shadier part? I've attached my pitiful attempt at a graphic. The bed is 4 feet wide and 16 feet and 18 feet long.

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I think those all go together fine. You can put an annual in between the roses until you know (if) you want something else there permanently. Also hosta is pretty in the shade and the smaller ones can serve as a ground cover. If you have a way to electrify it, a bubbling pretty glazed pot water feature would be awesome between the roses instead.

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