How long do seed potatoes last?

gaetanol(z6NY)March 7, 2011

Last year, I bought some seed potatoes for the first time. Unfortunately, I never got around to planting them. Actually, I never even opened the box in which they came, which I kept in my garage.

So, I was going to give it a shot this year. Before I went and bought more "seed," I thought I'd check last year's stock. When I opened the box, the potatoes looked quite hard and dried out. I can't discern an eye from a nose. I assume these seeds are shot, but since I'm a newbie to potatoes and I don't know what seed potatoes look like, I thought I'd check here.

Will seed potatoes last a year? Do my seeds sound shot?



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Seed potatoes are not "seed" per say, they are potatoes still, and they are more than likely rotten or dried out after one year in storage, no good for planting. Buy some new ones, but be sure to plant them, the early the better. Protatoes are cold hardy in the spring.

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