Corner flower bed

lovegardening84April 13, 2013

So I am creating a rather large raised CORNER cottage garden in my backyard up against my chain link fence this spring. The solution may be obvious, but how do I keep the dirt from spilling through!! I don't want to put something against the fence that will be an eyesore! Thanks in advance!

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Why is it necessary for the bed to be raised if that causes grade problems with surrounding features? The plant material itself can/will give height to the bed.

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Because it was a better option than trying to amend the rocky hard existing soil yardvaark

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Hard, rocky soil can be the straw that broke the camel's back. It's likely that if you put something against the fence, it will be an eyesore. It would be better if you could back off from the fence some amount before you place whatever will retain the garden soil. How high are we needing to go? Can the soil be bermed so that it does not need a retainer, or add height at the fence itself? How large an area? Who owns fence ... you or neighbor?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I would take advantage of that hard rocky soil, and randomly pile rocks up against the fence for a more natural look, and then put the good dirt up against that.


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multi levels with a lower level stepping up to the fence so it stil looks pretty.

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Thanks for the good ideas ....Suzi I think I will do your rock idea...thats what the front of the border is... Don't know why I didn't think of continuing it!! Thanks!!

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