didnt add garden lime

dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)June 19, 2011

Someone forgot lime in 511 mix ,what can they do now ?

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scratch in on the top as deep as you can and water. it will work its way down.

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i also forgot to add Lime, i was told to either scratch it in(but it takes time to break down to calcium/magnesium) so what i am doing is i mixed lime with vinegar in a cottage cheese container(the reaction releases a gas so dont cap the container for awhile or you will end up with a mess in the fridgelike me!) what the vinegar does it break the lime up and make the calsium/mag avail after the fizzing stops. and the vinegar will only react with so much lime, all you have to do is replenish the vinegar till all the lime is gone, then make more. i just stir it up before adding to water.(which also contains magnesium) and adding 1 tbsp of acetate and 1-2tblsp vinegar/ gallon to assist in adding acidity to the soil.


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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

How often or is this a one time deal ?
Acetate,don't understand? sodium acetate ?(vinegar and
baking soda ) soap ?
Hope this is a one time thing

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I was told by a long time member on here that since i forgot to add lime to the mix i made, everytime i water to add the liquid portion of mixing Garden lime with Vinegar. the vinegar makes the Ca/Mg avail for uptake right away, where if you mix it in the soil you are supposed to wait a couple weeks to use the mix as you need the lime to breakdown.

So each time i water I add 1Tblsp Vinegar, 1Tblsp acetate mixture. and every other time i water i fert at 1/4 strength with Foliage pro.

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I think you guys are unnecessarily complicating things. The main purpose of lime is to offset the acidic effect of the large amount of bark mulch used. If you mix with vinegar, you are neutralizing that aspect. Granted vinegar will decompose over time and the pH will be back up, but that will take several weeks too.

Regarding providing Ca/Mg, those are trace elements and plants only need a tiny amount. The amount supplied through lime is going to last a long long time. Whatever dissolved in the first watering probably is already enough.

So I would just drop them on the surface, maybe water in a little bit. But that would be it.

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