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sam_kx4sam(9B)June 2, 2011

I have been growing peppers and tomatoes in white 5g buckets.

White because that's what I ordered.

I find I can get other buckets in red and orange for less (home depot and firehouse subs)

Has any one done test to see if color makes a difference? Will there be that much effect from heat reflection between colors?

What color would be best?

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Yes, it will make a difference in zones like ours. In my empirical experience, plants in white containers do significantly better in Houston. Tomato roots in particular will simply start dying when the soil temperature rockets in a black container. A plant can compensate with transpirational cooling IF the moisture is available, but only to an extent.

Unfortunately, large white plastic containers tend to be harder to find and more expensive. I wrap large (20 gallon), black, blow mold nursery containers in aluminum foil to practically eliminate the radiant heat absorption. Ugly, but it works.

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