found that darn 3/8" sieve

terratoma(7a)June 10, 2013

There have been some past posts about the difficulty in finding a 3/8" sieve to use when screening pine bark for the gritty mix. Following the advice from a post, I located one. Since I had been screening the bark using 1/4" and 1/8" screens, I was curious to find how much additional 'usable' bark I would get using the new sieve.
I had been getting about 11 quarts of 1/4"-1/8" bark from a 1 1/2 cubic foot (44 quarts) bag of Jolly Gardener. Of the remainder, 19 quarts were too small and went through the 1/8" screen, while 14 quarts exceeded the 1/4" maximum. Needless to say, I was really pleased to find that 8 of those 14 quarts went through the 3/8" sieve, increasing the 'usable' amount to 19 quarts. Not bad for a $3.00 bag of soil conditioner. Will happily share the vendor's name and particulars regarding the sieve with anyone interested.

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Sounds great Terratoma, shoot me the info


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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Enjoy your new darn 3/8 sieve :-) and good luck.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I would like the info too!

May screens are 1/4 inch and insect. Works great. But still interested in your info. Thank you!!


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Hi! I've also been searching for a good 3/8 soil sieve to accomplish the bark sifting to make Al's gritty mix and am also using soil conditioner. I would love the ordering info so I can buy myself one. (I live in Boulder, loves gardening but am an amateur and am trying to grow a rubber plant, some philodendrons and some succulents).

So impressed with Al Tapla, he is so amazing. I feel like I've gained so much from his garden forum posts. I wonder how to say thank you properly. Do people send him gifts? The man is so incredibly open and generous with his wisdom. What benevolent guy!


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Is there some reason you can't just post a link, or the name of the manufacturer/supplier?

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"bump" - still wondering if you could post the information about where you got the screening ...

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