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schwagerApril 28, 2013

After living in our 1899 beauty for a year, we have come to the conclusion that grass is not going to survive our hellstrip despite sodding and seeding! I love roses and cottage type flowers, but am faced with pending water restrictions in the desert southwest. Please help with ideas. Thanks!

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pic righted.

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What zone are you in? Type of soil sandy, clay, acid, alkaline? Average annual precipitation?

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amanda_m(z7 MD)

For the time being, why don't you just mulch the heck out of it with some fairly chunky wood mulch? That would at least give you a uniform look while you figure out a more permanent plan and it will protect the soil.
Because right now it does look patchy and kinda h*llish. Have you walked around the neighborhood to see what other people do to keep that strip looking tidy or nice?

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I'd try to figure out why grass won't grow there before I started planting other (costly) plants.

Is there a drainage issue on bottom left side? Does the area get walked on? Is the soil compacted? Too much shade?

I als do wonder what your neighbors areas look like.

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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

I like the idea of "mulch like heck" for the time being and maybe level out the area. Let what's there die off and become a blank slate. If your county has any sort of online resource for good drought resistant plants in your area, use this time to do your plant research and maybe imagine/draw up some planting ideas.

Then plant whenever is the best time for your zone (for my zone it's the late fall/winter, in general; spring is okay and summer usually means a new plant in full sun may not make it...at least under my watch). If you don't want much maintenance, maybe consider evergreen low water groundcovers.

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