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billybonsai2315June 26, 2013

Currently I have three plants in my office, fiscus bonsai, money tree, and most recent addition bamboo. They get little to none sunlight. I was told my money trees pot is too big so planning on reporting it. I put it in a big pot in hopes of it growing bigger without having to repot for awhile. At home I have two seperate jade plants that stay outside on my porch and get the afternoon sun from about 2-3pm til about 8 or so when the sun sets. My main question is can I use the same soifor all of them or do I need seperate soils for each? Can I buy something from the store for all or each if at all, if so what is it. Is there and easy mixture for all or each that you guys know of? Thanks in advance!

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Assuming you mean "Lucky Bamboo" --not actual bamboo), I have all three plants and use gritty mix for all three. You can do a search for "Al's Gritty mix" and should find endless amounts of info on it.

Good luck!


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