Landscaping under Pest Tree

cakbu(9)April 7, 2014

My pest tree is a very large liquidamber. It is big, healthy and quite beautiful, so I want to keep it. However, it has two major flaws: it produces thousands of hard balls that need to be raked up off the lawn; and the roots are becoming more and more invasive into the lawn. I don't particularly want the lawn (I have other lawn areas to spend my time on). I'm looking for suggestions as to what to do under the tree that will look nice, won't require raking of the balls (I don't mind leaving them as long as they don't start producing offshoots). I have had the tree sprayed once to eliminate the balls the next season and it worked quite well, but I would like to eliminate the expense.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Possibly build a 1' high wood deck around it so you can enjoy the summer shade as you sit on the deck? Then you can just sweep the balls off the deck into the trash.

We removed one of those trees and it suckered everywhere! Those roots are relentless! So are the balls!

I feel sorry for you, but it is a beautiful tree! We have an equally messy tree (silky oak) and I'd like to know how to spray to prevent the seeds. It's in bloom now. Who sprayed it for you and how can I find someone to do that here?



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I have not lived with a liquidambar so can't be sure the seeds wouldn't sprout in a bed of groundcover, but it seems to me, the easiest way to get them out of sight is to establish groundcover tall enough to hide what falls in. For years I lived with many oaks in a quarter acre bed of english ivy and I never had anything to clean up .... neither leaves nor acorns. It was all eaten by the ivy. Two or three times a year I walked through and shot the occasional sprout with a hit of herbicide. It was quite easy maintenance.

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To DesertDance:
I also have several of the silk oaks and the birds keep planting new ones...I don't like them as they are messy. For the liquidamber spray, I hired the pest company that sprays my house and lot for bugs. Not sure all pest companies can do this as they have to have the equipment that is powerful enough to reach the top of the trees.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I'll start calling pest companies today! Thank you, and good luck with your problem tree.


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