Special pepper pictures for Josh

meyermike_1micha(5)June 29, 2011

Hey Josh and others! I finally broke down and decided to grow a few peppers. Not quite as hot as Josh likes, but still a feat!

I ran out of big containers so replanted them into a 5.1.1 mix two months ago and I am already getting peppers!

I have no idea when to pick them though..lol

One is a sweet yellow pepper and the other very sweet jalapeno pepper:-)


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

youre killing me mike!!

my peppers look bad compared to yours, just like everything else, LOL.

the problem we are having here is the constant 15-20mph winds with gust to 30 and heat indexes in the 110+. my cucumbers have gone crazy but everything else is suffering a bit. Im just glad our part of the state isnt in a drought...yet.


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nice looking peppers mike! mine do not look that nice! but are coming along! my devils tongue and jamaican red had the first flower open up yesterday! so i am excited and waiting to see if i get my first pods on them!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Mike, I appreciate the update on your peppers!
Good to see you guys, Mike and Eric! Wishing you much luck! ;-)
We just had a heavy rainstorm yesterday, but the sun should peek out behind the clouds today.

They are looking good....well ahead of mine! The first pepper that you show can be picked
once it turns orange or yellow or red. Ripe peppers will have the sweetest flavor, especially
when picked later in the day (or so I find). The Jalapeno can be picked green or red. The red
Jalapeno will also have more sweetness, if you can wait.

Here's a pic I took yesterday, right before the rain really started to come down.
These are my super-hot peppers, along with a little Black Pearl pepper. The super-hots are
in 5-gallon containers in a 5-1-1 made of fir bark, perlite, turface, and ocean forest soil.
The Black Pearl, in a smaller (1-gallon) container, is in a Gritty Mix.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Mike!
Great looking peppers! ;-)
So Josh finally got you growing peppers? lol... There's nothing like home grown!
Hi Josh!
And a hello to Mike and Eric too.
Now I had to get some going too! So I planted some seeds a few weeks back, and the first one sprouted the same day you posted this thread Mike.
It's an ornamental pepper, hot, and edible, but I forgot/lost the name of the plant.

You helped me with this, but I can't find the info at the moment. :-(

Here are the seedlings, day one...I guess I only have the one pic, the rest were a little blurry.

And here they are taken just a few days ago...

And here is the mother plant, I lost it late last summer, I didn't get it re potted out of the peat it was in soon enough. :-( But luckily I had gotten seeds.

I hope they do O.K. it's such a pretty plant!

I also have jalapeno seeds I will start this week, I've never tried one red, and am curios about them! I love a good dish of Nacho's. ;-)

I hope your peppers do well for you! It' looks like your off to a good start!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello! I sort of forgot about this Thread! Thanks, JoJo!

I can't remember exactly what your ornamental is...purple something, peruvian rainbow, can't recall...

Your seedlings are looking good, though! Now that they have their first set of true leaves,
give them a weak dose of fertilizer - 1/4 strength to see how they react.

None of my peppers are ripe yet, but I have eaten one green Thai chile so far.


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greenman, jojo, and others,

I noticed some of you were trying to grow peppers in a gritty mix. How is that working out for you?

I tried that this year and the peppers are way behind others planted in a more traditional mix. I actually gave up on one gritty bin and replanted in a 5:2:1 mix.

Just wondering if other people were successful with peppers in gritty mix.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

What a difference two weeks of good weather make!

Emgardener, only my Black Pearl is in a true gritty mix.
All my other peppers (seeds) were started in gritty mix, then transferred to 5-1-1.
The superhots, pictured below, are in a mix 5 parts bark, 1 part perlite, .5 parts turface,
and .5 parts ocean forest potting soil. I added Dolomitic Lime and a touch of Osmocote.
I fertilize every Friday with Foliage Pro and white vinegar to acidify my water.

Let's see how the pics turned out...it's a bit sunny.


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redshirtcat(6a MO StL)

emgardener: did you see the thread awhile back where I showed my peppers in the gritty mix? I also made a video if you're interested. They were started from seed and then just potted up into 5qt pots in the gritty mix. They are still doing well. All of my peppers are in undersized pots for bell peppers (5qt) - I assume the plants would be larger if I had them in properly sized pots I just don't have room or money to buy 20 more large plastic pots heh...

Here's a link to that thread: link

I took the photos of the gritty peppers because you said you had given up on that etc... it's definitely doable. What happened to yours? How often were you watering? What sized pots?

I even have a small tomato in the gritty mix that, again, should be in a much larger pot. But the soil itself seems to be working well for the vegetables..

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redshirtcat(6a MO StL)

Er, sorry, that may have been rude of me. Everyone's peppers look great - I always think that and just rarely post it. Mostly I just lurk unless I have a question or something to add...

Have to let me know if you like the variety of sweet yellow Mike (and which it is) - I tried a bunch of bells this year and some are thin-walled peppers.. I wish I hadn't wasted space on those. Next year I need to make sure I get only thick-walled varieties. Much more pepper for the trouble...

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Redshirt! Exactly right! I feel I have wasted room on my peppers too. Funny you mention this. I had one the other day and I did not like it. This skin it was and hard or crunchy. Yulk, soft and thick
I thought they were the same ones you buy at the store. What kind do we have to plant to get these peppers anyway?

Your situation sounds exactly like mine. I have no room for more pots that I wish I could use in bigger sizes. It seems as if many of my tomatoes and other container vegetables are filled from the top to the bottom with roots and no room for a drink. Darn it. They did all too well..lol I have to water twice a day on hot days.

By the way, you are NOT rude although at times I post directly to you and sometimes I think you are missing my words such as on the citrus forum. I actually enjoy conversation with you and I think you are missing many of my thoughts directed at you:-)

Oh Josh! Wowowowowowo. Look at your peppers go! I knew as soon as your weather turned nice they would. You are doing all the right things and got them planted in a great mix. I guess weather can truly be a limiting factor no matter what we do.
Thank goodness it is on your side lately. I can only imagine how warm your peppers must be, well HOT HOT HOT..lol. I'll bet that AL,'Tapla' would love to have a taste of your peppers...
Fantastic work guys and such a pleasure to see the pictures. Look how green and healthy they look. Gotta love peppers.

Redshirt, I shall have to have a gander at that video. Thank you for taking the time to share with us here and at the citrus forum. It is nice to see you there with us too! I miss AL there for sure at the citrus side.
It is AL who helped me to get my citrus as healthy as they are in the gritty mix and keep them there. I can only share that knowledge with others and give back what that generous man has done for me.

Jojo: Look at you go girl! Look at those babies and look how healthy they look. I have the feeling you are going to do ok with them. I would watch the hot sun and water more than once a day, but I know they will thrive in your care and mix.
I love the colors on the mother plant. Even if you should not get any fruit, it is still such a pretty ornamental. Beautiful Jojo. Good work.
I hope they do well for you and produce a bounty of delicious HOT peppers and thank you for your very kind words.

Hi Emgardener. I wish you success.


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Mike how are you? It seems to me you are not too far behind us with the beautiful plants in your possession. Good work too, especially with your citrus.
Thanks for your compliments as always!


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Josh!
I don't blame you for not remembering the name, I can't either. lol...

I will start with a weak feeding. :-)
Yours are coming right along. I love the black pearl.

I think you need to paint the deck a different color though. There's one leaf on the left of the pic that looks like it has brown edges because of the deck. It scared me. LOL!

I know what you mean about the full sun and taking pics. I'm waiting till dusk to get some of the citrus. Yours turned out nice.

It will be awhile before I can claim 2 weeks of good weather. ;-) but surprising , mine hold up fairly well in the heat.

emgardener~ My seedlings are started in the gritty mix and one will be moved into a 5-1-1 like Josh is using. The rest will be in different mixes. I'm trying different materials this summer because the grit is hard to find here.

These seedlings were an experiment, and I used 6 different versions of gritty and 5-1-1.

Look at me go! LOL! They are alot healthier looking than any I've started in peat based mixes in years past! I'm pleased! And it's a good way to use up most of the left overs from screening! Our season is so long, I prefer to start from seed than to buy plants.

They do O.K. with just one watering a day Mike. They have to! I would never remember to do it twice! LOL! This pepper has almost a metalic look to it. It's awesome! It will fruit. :-) it has until Nov! The peppers are small and start out purple, then turn red.

I would like to take one and work with it in the future with bonsai.


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