Nutgrass, can I get rid of it?

aggieroseApril 19, 2012

Nutgrass seems to be taking over my yard! How in the world do I get rid of this stuff? I'm not too hopefull from what I've read online. I have bermuda and I've made a ton of progress with getting weeds out of my yard and out of nowhere nutgrass shows up. UGH.

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Is it in the lawn, garden... landscape beds?

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Yardvaark, yes, yes, and yes.

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That's not good.

This is definitely one "nut" I haven't cracked. The only success I've had with it is hand digging it out of a veg./flower garden area. It took 3 major rounds of careful, deep digging and some in-between work over the course of a year to get rid of it all. You must go after the nut... and of course, it's no good for a lawn. Roundup and 2,4-d-based herbicides will not kill it. "Image" is supposed to kill it, but I haven't had success with it yet, however, my trials were not that extensive. Maybe it takes more than a couple of repeats at intervals. Someone else might chime in on that.

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There's a long thread "I Can't Keep Doing This" on the subject of nutgrass aka nutsedge eradication on the Texas Gardening Forum. The consensus seems to be that a Green Light product, Wipe-Out, is the most effective control. I see that the Green Light web site, however, promises only "suppression" of this weed. It is said to be safe for bermuda and St. Augustine.

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The most permanent control of nutgrass is dense shade or a for sale sign out front.

There are garden practices that can be effective against nutgrass over time. But before I can make suggestions I need to know:

Location / climate
Variety, Yellow or purple nutsedge
Soil type, ph
Site particulars: land slope and shading

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I've been battling this in the lawn and flower beds as well.. just tons of it in the back yard.

We canceled the service in back because they finally admitted they can't treat it in St Augustine with the chems they use, nor will they treat the beds. What a waste of money that was!

Reading the thread about top dressing the lawn (link found in the discussion below) we're trying to build up the soil and grass to hopefully suppress the nutsedge. It shows up in the wet places and the very dry places as well.. there is no way to pull it--or dig deep enough to get the 'nut' in this clay soil. There's just too much of it to even make a dent.
A neighbor around the corner finally tore out all his back yard beds and let the grass fill in. He was done with the battle. :(

Our front yard is Bermuda and the service keeps it pretty much in check.

I'm on the look out for the product suggested, now is the only window we'll have to get it applied so I better find it soon.

Link to the discussion on the Texas Forum:

Here is a link that might be useful: I don't think I can do this any more

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Ortho Max Nutsedge Killer scores 4.8 out of 5 in reviews on Amazon. Haven't tried it myself.

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Thanks Whitecap2!
Its easy to find at WalMart so I may start with that in the beds until I can get the other I can use the sprayer with for the lawn area.

All the reviews were pretty good and encouraging to read.

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I've heard of people having good success with a product called "sedgehammer".

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Reading the reviews on the Ortho Max Nutsedge Killer on Amazon there are several who say the sedgehammer didn't work as well as the Ortho product.

Maybe it depends on the type of nut sedge you have?

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If you go over to the Weeds Forum, and check the Nutgrass Warrior thread, you will find there a link to a concise article on nutsedge control released by the University of California at Davis. Unfortunately, the Gnomes of Monsanto and their collaborators haven't come up with a way to kill the underground rhizome.

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Reading through it now. Thanks for the heads up. But.. there is no way I can physically dig up my whole yard. In this clay soil it just isn't possible. There is no way to to dig 8 inches deep (the whole yard!) and screen the dirt for the nuts.

Later today my plan is to head out to purchase the evil nasty chemical products so I can start the war tomorrow.

Even if all I do is suppress it, and have to spray the grass twice a year to do so, and spray each little leaf in the beds to kill each little plant-let each time one rears its head, I will do that. I already have to do that to keep the grass out of the flowerbeds anyway.

The alternative is to just let it all go to nut sedge and just keep it mowed. I won't do that either.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nutsedge Warrior Thread

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I don't find any of it in the St. Augustine--just in the unshaded bermuda areas. What's giving me fits is a weed I've been unable to identify. It starts out looking kind of like crabgrass, but then sends up a seed stalk, maybe 8 " tall. The stalk seems to be slightly flat, and hollow. Every inch or two a fine, secondary stalk will branch out, with seed pods at the end. These pods are flat, about 3/4th " long, with a dozen or so husked, individual seeds in each pod. I thought it might be wild oats, but the images I've studied aren't matching up.

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Thanks for the advice. I bought a product today from calloways that the salesman said he has used and he thinks it is working. We will see...

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Aggierose... what product did you purchase?

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If you want to beat a certain weed, know the weed!

I live down south where nutgrass is common. Nutgrass is a formidable foe, but it can be beat. If I drive around and look at untended ground, I find places where nutgrass grows and places where there is not a blade of it. Like most weeds, nutgrass survives where the conditions favor it over the plants it's in competition with. For success, change the conditions to give a favorable edge to the plants you want.

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Depending what country you live in, whether you use `ortho max nutsedge killer(U.S.A) or sempra/sedgehammer (Australia), DO NOT USE THESE CHEMICALS WITHOUT WETTING AGENT!!! Uptake, Spredmax ( or U.S.A. equivalent) or even dishwashing liquid at 10 mls to 5 ltrs of spray mix is cheap and effective. You are wasting time, chemical and, therefore money without wetting agent. You may possibly get away with only 1(one) spraying. Hope this is a help.

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