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amaranthena(6b)April 29, 2010

I recently removed a huge shed from previous owners that was taking up most of my backyard. Now it feels so naked. It's not a huge space but it's in desperate need of privacy. I had been considering plantinge Thuja Occidentalis "Hetz Wintergreen' around the perimeter.

Any design ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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There is often a request to make suggestions for what to do with a blank slate or a blank canvas.
We expect nothing from a blank canvas until it is framed, then it becomes a non picture or a potential picture. It is the desire to make something within the frame that is the real question. So as not to be too obscure, I wonder how we can frame a space so as to raise the expectation of ÂgardenÂ? Once we have achieved this focus we can move on to the details.
The Âframe I think is "what is the garden for?" what do you want to do there and what do you want it to do for you? It is not enough to expect Âgarden to have a generic meaning that you stamp onto your Âblank canvas or arrives on its own unless you want the three white horses running through foamy water over the sofa look. There is probably nothing wrong with having a garden that has no personal meaning and is there just to fill the space I just think it should be a conscious choice.
The implication of a blank slate is, "I can do whatever I want here" which is not strictly true if it is a garden we are talking about because those rules regarding soil, sun and zone will restrict your choices whether you are a princess or a panel beater. So it is a blank space with some preconditions and in need of maintenance, even more maintenance after you have installed your masterpiece.
A long time ago when I worked in a restaurant kitchen the chef would stall the menu naming of the soup until after it was done, the name depending on how it turned out. The stock would vary and some bones would go in along with a bit of this and a bit of that, ÂBrown Windsor was a common soup of the day! I suggest naming a garden in advance to avoid such a muddy result.

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Good point inkognito. The first thing I do want is privacy from neighbors. I would like some type of evergreen privacy.

I really like planting various flowers and herbs, mostly perennials. Not interested in having a vegetable garden but I would like a quiet and serene place for family gatherings, outdoor grilling. I want a garden that would be pleasing to all senses and have a four season interest. When I'm by myself I like to paint and draw. So perhaps you can think of it as an inspirational artist's garden.

Does that help to frame this blank canvas?

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